10 simple things…

That I am enjoying right now…..

-the smell and feel of the changing seasons.  (Edmonton had it’s first snow fall the other day and it appears to be sticking around.)

-afternoon naps with a fuzzy puppy

-creating fresh, tasty and freeze-able meals… and then eating them!

-the daily fight over seeds and perches at the bird feeder

-the sound of the clock ticking being the only noise in the house right now

-a clean and cosy (unpacked!) home

-knitting warm woolly things to go with the changing seasons (or at least pretending to knit)

-the sight of some too-long-packed-up artwork finally up on my walls

-sharing a warm shower right before bed

-snuggling with a blanket in the evening with my boys

Gawd!  I could go on and on with the simple, non-monetary/-possession based delights in my life.  What simple things are you most enjoying right now?

This is the day…

…that we are having. I don’t know how I will handle it. The pressure just might be too much for me. I should have a nap in preparation.

Have a lovely weekend!

I did!

I found a parcel in my mailbox last Saturday evening (I think our postlady works Tuesday to Saturday for some reason) and it was filled with the most delightful things….

  • a DARK orange chocolate bar!!
  • a handmade notebook (which Jarred marvels over each time he goes into my purse)
  • a noisy keep-giving birthday card (a complete hoot!), and
  • a handmade birthday card for me

And all I could do was smile! Just like the card says. Even after I spilt water, twice, a-l-l over the table trying to take this photo. At least the table got cleaned and I still have chocolate to nibble on. Thank you, Peanut!

(Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all mail came enclosed with chocolate?! Just think of how delightful it would be to open those you-are-past-due notices?)

What do you do?

It must be because it’s fall that I find that I’m reading cookbooks lately. Or at least, I’ll blame it on fall. I’ve been reading with two goals in mind…. 1. find something more interesting that our usual method of cooking _____________ and 2., what can I make cheaply in bulk and freeze??


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Hello world!  After an unexpected and looooong absence, I am back in the world.  Brain is no longer melting, boxes have been unpacked and life is moving along the way it should have been in 2008.  It is so sad that I lost a year+ of my life trying to do things that were not important and did lose so much that is and was important during that year.

However, I AM moving forward!  And trying to move forward in every little bit of my life –which is turning out to be a surprisingly daunting and time-consuming task despite my quiet little life.  But it is obviously time to do this as I am not happy with my life, with who I am, with what I am doing and where I am going (do I even know where that is??).  I DO know that I don’t want to be discovering this and trying to amend these issues when I am 72.

So as time passes, you will see more changes to this blog (isn’t this a hideous layout?), more photos posted and shared, more projects completed…. and more of ME.  The real, who-I-wanna-be me.

newness .03

See…?? I told you we got new wheels! And aren’t they just shiny!

Wheels 2


Finally! I’ve gotten some good luck and things are definitely looking UP!!  I’m pretty tired right now so I won’t be doing a full detailed entry but to sum up I’ve found a job (yea!) and we have new wheels!

More later, I promise!

Good luck

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